Jewellery Photo Editing

Have you ever wondered why your jewelry catalogue is not successful? Whether you have an online store or a land based boutique, the catalogue and the presentation of products make the difference. Clients would want to examine every little aspect of what they are about to buy, and this is why the catalogues must look perfectly. With the Jewelry Photo Editing and Retouching techniques known only by our experienced Photoshop specialists, your merchandise would look perfectly, convincing even the Hollywood starts to buy them!

It was proven by studies that the most successful jewelries catalogues are those in which the photos are made from close distance, photos that highlight even the smallest detail about the respective piece. We have the artists that can use retouching techniques to make those look absolutely incredible.

At our company, we like to consider our designers as being artists, not simple technical executors. When it comes to jewelries, the editors need to have the feeling of beauty, and to imagine how jewelries can be improved. It might sound like a simple task that can be done by the most inexperienced Photoshop user, but let us tell you what Jewelry Photo Retouching really means:

Specific Requirements – do you want to highlight the beauty of white gold? Or you want to show the shiny diamonds on a ring? It is all about giving a superior look to jewelries, and our artists are able to understand the needs of clients, and to put those into practice

Background services – some might not even realize the importance of background when it comes to jewelry presentation. Just imagine how white gold would look on a …white background. Our designers are able to imagine and t implement the best background for photos of jewelries, making sure that all the Beautiful details are highlighted.

Removal and enhancement – maybe you don’t want an unpleasant bump on your jewelries to be seen, or maybe you want to change the color of some precious stones, to make those more attractive. Well, this can be done with ease, if you tell us your ideas, with the best Jewelry Photo Editing and Retouching Services that you can dream about.



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